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Franchise Opportunities

Setting up and running a coffee shop is not an easy task. The real challenge is making money to sustain your business in the long run. During the journey, you may face various moderate and even severe challenges that may affect the success of your coffee shop business. Some of our wining edges are our own hand-roasted brand coffee, efficient workstation, pricing strategies, supply chain selections, lease agreement, creating effective customer flow layout, management system. Our strengths make it easy for you as a new franchisee to get into business for the first time and to avoid and minimise risks. Buying a franchise is one of the most feasible and achievable option for starting your own business from scratch. When you buy our Arise® franchise, you are not only able to get significant insights on how to develop a coffee business, but also, we as a franchisor would offer value-added services to lead your business to success.

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Arise® Kiosk

It is a fast-food outlet, operating takeaway sevice (maximun 5 seats)

Arise® Store

It is a proper coffee Store with seating

Franchise: Careers
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Franchise: Welcome
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