Our Story

Lavender Tang was once proud of her marriage and believed that a good housewife would be her lifelong career. But after 15 years of marriage, everything changed after she found out her husband had betrayed her and had an affair with another woman. She was at her lowest ebb with great pain and marriage breakdown. She tried to end her life by suicide several times and was diagnosed with psychotic depression.


During her difficult time, Meg Tang, her elder sister encouraged her not to give up her life but to have faith and hope for the future. Meg had known for a long time that Lavender had a great passion for coffee. Meg persuaded her to start a new life by working in the coffee shop and with hope of running her own coffee business in future. However, she was a housewife and lost all of her work skills for many years. She therefore worked from hard ground from cleaning and handling the garbage in a chain coffee store at age 36.


Lavender never gave up and strove to use every opportunity to learn about coffee while she worked. She even practiced coffee roasting and brewing when she got home, working hard to develop her own niche coffee brand. After years of relentless effort, she finally carved out a brand of coffee of her own.


After hardworking and on-job practising for many years, she has now grasped all the skills and know-how to own and operate her own coffee house. Throughout the time, Meg continued to encourage Lavender and motivate her to pursue her dream, to step out and take up a new challenge in her life. This finally culminated in both sisters opening their first coffee house in East Putney, London in June 2020.


About Us

Coffee Shop



Our mission is to roast speciality coffees and to offer a brand that is recognised for not only its taste but also its quality. Also, to permit our customers to enjoy a cup of our hand-roasted artisan coffee.



Our vision is to become the leading premium speciality coffee roaster, through retail and wholesale channels, presenting hand-crafted coffee culture in London that positively impacts the community. We plan to develop our own brand of coffee so that it has an excellent reputation in the coffee industry.

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We want to build a relationship with each and every one of our customers, employees, suppliers, franchisees, the community, charity organisations according to the following A.R.I.S.E values:

  • Authenticity - be authentic and honest to our stakeholders.

  • Respect - respect our employees, motivate them to work, develop their career, and reward their performance.

  • Innovation - improve our brewing skills and techniques and create innovative ways to brew our coffee.

  • Sustainability – align corporate social responsibility with sustainable development and sourcing of our coffee beans.

  • Excellence - serve our customers with excellent quality coffee.