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Lavender's Story

Since the age of nineteen Lavender has visioned herself owning her own coffee shop, drawn to the sweet aromas of coffee.
Lavender's dream was put on hold with the arrival of her first daughter Amelie, shortly followed by Audrey and Abigail.
After fifteen years as a devoted mother and housewife, Lavender's marriage fell apart. 

Luckily Lavender had family and friends she could depend on through these hard times. With their encouragement Lavender decided to rekindle the dream of owning her own cafe.
Having been out of work for so long she knew she had to start at the bottom and acquire the skills she needed to accomplish her dream.

Lavender polished her skills and knowledge over the years, learning latte art, coffee standards, participating in coffee tastings and festivals. After purchasing two small roasting machines, Hottop KN-8828B-2K+ and Ikawa, Lavender practiced roasting the beans to their perfection, experimenting with the different tasting notes in order to create the freshest and tastiest blends to serve in store.

Lavender gained confidence and skill and grew within her career from barista to manager. In June 2020 Lavender took the next step and opened her first coffee shop in East Putney London.

Today, business is booming and Lavender is delighted by the encouragement and support of the local workers and residences that come regularly.

About Us: About Us

About Us

Coffee Shop



Our Mission is to give our customers a place to relax, to enjoy different styles of speciality coffee and homemade healthy food.



To rebuild lives and fulfill dreams with a cup of freshly roasted fair trade coffee.

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We want to build a relationship with each and every one of our customers, employees, suppliers, franchisees, the community, charity organisations according to the following A.R.I.S.E values:

  • Authenticity - be authentic and honest to our stakeholders.

  • Respect - respect our employees, motivate them to work, develop their career, and reward their performance.

  • Innovation - improve our brewing skills and techniques and create innovative ways to brew our coffee.

  • Sustainability – align corporate social responsibility with sustainable development and sourcing of our coffee beans.

  • Excellence - serve our customers with excellent quality coffee.

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